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Insights 2020

Property Value
Project Name Insights 2020
Description Creation of a supplemental web-based publication highlighting specific IT-related services and experiences referred to as Insights.
Start Date 03/20/2020
Status complete
End Date 04/06/2020

Project Updates

Date User Comments
2020-05-21 07:27:54 Soumya Parisa Changed end date from "" to "4/6/2020"
Changed status from "in progress" to "complete"
2020-05-21 07:27:34 Soumya Parisa 4/6/2020- First edition published, which established the framework for future editions.
2020-05-21 07:27:20 Soumya Parisa 4/2/2020- Interview video added and began addition of text transcript for captions.
2020-05-21 07:27:06 Soumya Parisa 3/25/2020- Process for handling redirects established to point to the latest edition.
2020-05-21 07:26:51 Soumya Parisa 3/20/2020- Proceeded with development of first edition using Microsoft Sway.