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Helpdesk Ticket Meter

Property Value
Project Name Helpdesk Ticket Meter
Description Request to create a widget for display on that can show the current level of tickets being worked on by IT divisions.
Start Date 11/12/2019
Status in progress
End Date

Project Updates

Date User Comments
2020-05-21 07:34:46 Soumya Parisa 5/18/2020 - Test version was deployed and provided for review.
2020-05-21 07:34:30 Soumya Parisa 5/15/2020 - Test of the completed application was successful, but a change request required rebuilding and deploying the test application.
2020-05-21 07:34:16 Soumya Parisa 5/1/2020- Server configuration updated to resolve a persistent issue that prevented proper functioning of the scripts. Test code provided for implementation on a TDX test page. Awaiting implementation and to review functionality in the test environment before deploying to the TDX homepage.
2020-04-01 09:59:29 Soumya Parisa 3/27/2020 - Final version has been completed and deployment is in progress.
2020-04-01 09:59:12 Soumya Parisa 1/3/2020 - First proof of concept available.
2020-04-01 09:58:57 Soumya Parisa 11/12/2019 - Initial request received, planning phase started.