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Blackboard TransAct TrojanCard system Upgrade

Property Value
Project Name Blackboard TransAct TrojanCard system Upgrade
Description Upgrade to latest supported TransAct Card Management Platform
Start Date 12/04/2016
Status complete
End Date 06/11/2017

Project Updates

Date User Comments
2018-10-23 08:50:13 Soumya Parisa Upgrade and Migration has been completed successfully.
2018-10-23 08:49:58 Soumya Parisa Changed end date from "" to "06/11/2017"
Changed status from "in progress" to "complete"
2017-05-08 10:36:52 Soumya Parisa 06/08/2017 - 06/09/2017 - Upgrade is scheduled to occur and will upgrade the system to the currently supported version of from the version we are running at
2017-05-08 10:36:32 Soumya Parisa 02/08/2017 - Systems team has built up a new database server and is ready for the upgrade.