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Trojan 2.0 Template Enhancements

Property Value
Project Name Trojan 2.0 Template Enhancements
Description Updates to the new Trojan 2.0 template to correct issues identified since deployment of the template and to add additional features and other enhancements
Start Date 03/15/2017
Status complete
End Date 07/04/2017

Project Updates

Date User Comments
2017-07-25 16:33:27 Soumya Parisa Changed end date from "" to "7/4/2017"
Changed status from "in progress" to "complete"
2017-07-25 16:32:59 Soumya Parisa The last site managed by IT requiring the template update, the libraries pages, was successfully updated.
2017-05-04 15:55:56 Soumya Parisa 03/15/2017 - Assigned the project to Web Division staff. A project outline with stated goals was provided. 04/7/2017 - Web Division staff provided an update to the effort that was developed in the website. The code revisions are being developed so they can quickly be added to the website 04/21/2017 - Web Division began applying the first phase of template enhancements site-wide
2017-05-04 15:54:58 Soumya Parisa Changed status from "waiting" to "in progress"