Name Description Status Start Date Last Update
Ellucian Recruiter 3.7 Upgrade Upgrade Recruiter software to 3.7 release. Begin review of installation process for TEST environment. in progress 03/05/2015 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
Student Appreciation Website Initial details regarding the website request were delivered to the Web Team. complete 12/03/2014 03/01/2016 view | subscribe
Admissions Website Content Migration Migrate Admissions website content from separate domain and integrate into WWW. complete 01/09/2015 03/01/2016 view | subscribe
Phenix City-Telephone System Upgrade Replace aged and unsupported core telephony equipment in progress 02/02/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Phenix City-Wireless Network Upgrade Replace aged and unsupported wireless network equipment in progress 02/02/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Phenix City-Riverfront Telephone System Installation Install telephone equipment in Riverfront Building in progress 02/02/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Phenix City-Riverfront Network Equipment Installation Install network equipment in Riverfront Building in progress 02/02/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Leadership Offices Montgomery IT assisted in the installation of network services for the Leadership Montgomery Offices on the 3rd Floor of Whitley Hall. complete 02/06/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Network Printers Montgomery Technical Services and Network Services configured and installed a Print Server so that all networked printers are now centrally managed. complete 02/05/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Access Points Montgomery Network services ran cabling and installed additional access points in the School of Nursing class room. complete 02/09/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Office Moves Montgomery IT ran additional network cables, removed and reinstalled computers, faxes and assisted in reconfiguration of copiers for several offices to include the new Center for Student Success, Human Resources, Career Services, Disability Services, and the Special Events office. complete 02/06/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Troy for Troops Setup Montgomery IT Department provided and setup three computers for use in the Troy for Troops Center. complete 02/06/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Redistribution of Computers Montgomery IT Department assisted in the closure of the Accounting Lab, Electronic Services Lab, and the School of Nursing Lab. The computers from these labs that were not end of life were redistributed to users throughout the university thus saving the departments and the university critical funding. complete 02/06/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery Digital Display Upgrade Montgomery IT Department assisted Howard Computers with the install of two Visix displays in the School of Nursing. complete 02/05/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Blackboard TransAct Register Upgrade Several of the POS21 registers will no longer be supported after December 21st, 2015. in progress 02/09/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Networking-Wireless Network Upgrade New Vendor/Newer Products complete 02/02/2015 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Networking-RESNET Bandwidth Upgrade Increase Bandwidth to dormitory networks. in progress 02/02/2015 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Global Campus Network Topology Upgrade Global Campus is changing it Internet access point from Columbus to its MPLS could to include Universal Threat Protection. This also will involve a new Impulse server and Impulse Network Access Control Enforcer on each remote site router. in progress 06/28/2014 08/07/2014 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Core Network Upgrades Upgrade core network equipment that will be End-of-Life in 2014. complete 07/28/2014 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
CCTV Upgrade The IT facility will be upgrading to a new CCTV system the week of August 18th. complete 08/18/2014 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Electrical Upgrade This upgrade includes upgrading the ATS, providing emergency power in key rooms, and setting up a connectivity wire to the UPS system. in progress 08/04/2014 02/11/2015 view | subscribe
Faculty One-Stop Page A one-stop shop webpage targeting faculty. It is similar to previous efforts but lead by staff from the Registrars office in cooperation with faculty. complete 03/03/2014 02/23/2015 view | subscribe
Google Cultural Institute - complete 06/11/2014 02/23/2015 view | subscribe
Career Services Website Overhaul Update and structure redesign to simplify the content available and to also add new content. complete 04/23/2014 12/02/2014 view | subscribe
Alumni Trojans One And All Campaign The Alumni division has contracted with a third-party to manage elements of a fund-raising campaign. IT staff will assist with Web and e-mail work that is related to this project. Start date indicates first involvement of IT staff. complete 07/23/2014 12/02/2014 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Social Media Sanctioning Form Deploy the Social Media Sanctioning form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign complete 05/30/2014 09/16/2014 view | subscribe
Echosign - Traffic Appeals Form Deploy the Traffic Appeals form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign. complete 05/16/2014 04/23/2015 view | subscribe
Student Planning Implementation Colleague Student Planning is a set of web-based, self-service academic planning tools that help students and advisors see what courses and requirements students need to fulfill to stay on track and graduate. in progress 04/07/2014 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
Active Directory - ProSource Active Directory - ProSource in progress 06/25/2014 04/14/2015 view | subscribe
Ellucian Portal A single sign-on environment that will combine resources from several different systems into one portal that will serve as the Universitys intranet. in progress 03/18/2014 03/01/2016 view | subscribe
WWW Enhancements for Marketing Feature and design enhancements to make the site easier to navigate, provide mobile support, and resolve problems carried over from the Joomla site. complete 03/18/2014 02/23/2015 view | subscribe
Campus Firewall Upgrade IT upgraded the software to the latest support version on all Internet Routers for the Troy Campus. complete 03/13/2014 03/20/2014 view | subscribe
iValidate IT staff attended a presentation for a product called iValidate. This product could work in conjunction with the Card System in order to validate remotely, a user for such things as sporting events, workshops, transportation, voting, and Lab Entry. Currently there is no plan to add this product, but several members of the Troy Community are evaluating whether this product would be a good investment and addition to the card management system. complete 11/15/2012 03/20/2014 view | subscribe
Pharos UniPrint System IT and Pharos completed the server upgrade to the latest version. complete 12/20/2012 03/20/2014 view | subscribe
XP Visix Player Upgrade Project Upgrade all XP players on Troy campus to Windows 7 operating system complete 01/31/2014 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Troy - Windows 7 Upgrade Project Upgrade all XP computers on Troy campus to Windows 7 operating system. complete 11/01/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
ExactTarget Email Implement ExactTarget Marketing Services. complete 02/06/2014 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Recruiter SMS Add-On Implement SMS add-on feature for Recruiter. complete 02/06/2014 04/15/2014 view | subscribe
Ethernet Switch Software Upgrades IT is currently deploying updated software to a supported release code to all Brocade Ethernet switches at the Troy Campus. This will be done during off hours as to not interrupt any work schedules. complete 12/13/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Networking - Softball IT has provided quotes for network equipment to be installed at the newly renovated Softball Complex on Elm street. This will increase the port count and wireless capabilities are being added to the two building. complete 12/13/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Dothan - Security Camera Server Raid Rebuild Data RAID array failed with two of five drives offline. Drives were replace and new array created. complete 12/02/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan - Ft Rucker Computer Lab Upgrade Project replaces the oldest computers on campus to a more recent model removed from another lab. complete 09/09/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan - VLAN Re-Structure Project will convert the current VLAN structure to a better configuration for management and troubleshooting. VLANs will be segregated to quickly identify the location of any network issues. complete 12/09/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Staff Handbook Receipt Deploy the Staff Handbook Receipt through and automated workflow utilizing EchoSign. complete 12/03/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Global Conference Room Installation of meeting technology. complete 10/18/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Geographic Information Systems Lab Upgrade of GIS lab. complete 10/21/2013 02/20/2014 view | subscribe
Nursing Digital Displays Installation of digital displays for the Nursing Department. complete 10/14/2013 11/05/2013 view | subscribe
Arts and Sciences Digital Displays Installation of digital displays for the Arts and Sciences department. complete 10/14/2013 11/05/2013 view | subscribe
Technical Services - Long Hall Construction for Long Hall. complete 09/30/2013 02/20/2014 view | subscribe
College Report IT is assisting Dr. Rinehart and the College of Arts and Sciences in developing a reporting feature to capture student behavior and assist in faculty utilization. complete 10/24/2013 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
IT Innovation Lab New Website intended to demonstrate new IT projects, interesting technologies, and to encourage collaboration and feedback. complete 10/10/2013 03/01/2016 view | subscribe Transition Transition of Website to Troy, AL Data Center and conversion from Joomla-based structure to standard HTML Website. complete 09/06/2013 10/14/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Records Transient Authorization Form Deploy the Transient Authorization Form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign complete 09/06/2013 02/14/2014 view | subscribe
Formport Migration Migration of Fomport to new server. complete 05/10/2013 09/17/2013 view | subscribe
Active Directory To implement Active Directory server for the Troy Campus. complete 03/29/2013 07/11/2014 view | subscribe
Document Imaging Solutions - Contract Reporting Create a process to keep tracck of University Contracts. in progress 07/29/2013 09/16/2013 view | subscribe
Financial Aid Shopping Sheet This tool was developed by the Department of Education for use by the Institution to notify students about their financial aid package. It is a standardized form that is designed to simplify the information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid so that they can easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend school. complete 06/25/2013 02/24/2014 view | subscribe
Dothan - ISP Change Project changes Internet service providers and increases available bandwidth from 20 meg to 100 meg. complete 09/13/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Synoptix Synoptix is a self-serve financial reporting tool that will replace the current FRx software. IT and Accounting Services will begin the implementation of this software as soon as the General Ledger Conversion is complete. in progress 09/13/2013 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
Wireless Ticket Scanning IT Network Division is working with Athletics to provide Wireless Ticket Scanning of entry tickets for athletic events. The football stadium was the first venue to incorporate this solution at 3 test gates. This may expand to all gates for the 2014 season. Athletics has also expressed a desire to perform the same function at Baseball, Basketball, Softball, and Track events as well. complete 08/02/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Sumter 2nd Building Closure Remove VTC Classroom and network equipment in preparation of closure. complete 07/29/2013 11/25/2013 view | subscribe
Atlanta VTC Install Colorado Springs HDX VTC system in site class room 4. complete 07/29/2013 08/27/2013 view | subscribe
Log All Impulse and NAT Translations Setup a Linux/MySQL server per instructions provided by Impulse to provide extended storage for event logs generated by the SafeConnect appliance. in progress 07/15/2013 08/27/2013 view | subscribe
Hampton Roads VTC Install VTC Room complete 07/15/2013 01/06/2014 view | subscribe
Networking - Redundant Internet Links IT Network Division is working with Alabama Supercomputer Authority and ClearWinds Technology to provide redundant Internet links for the Administrative/Academic networks. These links will provide an Active Link coming from Montgomery to Troy and a Standby Link from Dothan to Troy. If once connection fails, the other connection should take over as primary Internet connectivity for minimal loss of Internet at the Troy Campus. complete 05/02/2013 09/09/2013 view | subscribe
Networking - CCTV Cameras IT has been approached about adding CCTV pole mounted cameras to 5 additional locations. We have met with the city and a quote for different models of cameras has been presented. Location specifics are still yet to be determined. complete 03/13/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
EchoSign - COE workflow and form review IT will work with the College of Education to review new workflow options and forms. complete 07/15/2013 07/07/2014 view | subscribe
Intent to Graduate Redesign Add automated drop downs for majors and minors, Add a verify and correct page at end of form, add unique graduation dates for ISIU, IVIG, IVIU, remove student selected home location field. Also remove un-needed fields. in progress 07/08/2013 07/10/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Library Staff Technical Services is in the process of setting up 12 computers for staff members in the library. complete 06/21/2013 11/05/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- IRPE Lab Technical Services has 22 PCs to set up for a new testing lab for IRPE. The units will be imaged and configured with MS Office, McAfee and Deep Freeze. complete 06/20/2013 11/05/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Ellucian Meeting Technical Services setup and configured twelve computers and monitors in the Extended Area on June 7, 2013. complete 06/07/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Malone Art Lab Technical Services setup and configured 16 new iMacs for the Art lab in Malone 201. complete 06/04/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Kinesilogy and Health Lab Technical Services created an imaged for four PCs for the KHP lab. complete 05/09/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- PAT Hall PAT Hall received 17 new computers for the classrooms in PAT Hall. Technical Services created an image for the new PCs on May 16, 2013. complete 05/16/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Document imaging solutions - Faxserver Leveraging document imaging in departmental processes. in progress 04/01/2013 09/16/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- GIS Geography Lab Technical Services assessed the Geography GIS lab in MSCX on April 18, 2013. This lab has 28 PCs with a projector installed some special software for GIS. complete 04/18/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- MS Office Outlook 2010 Training Class Technical Services prepared and hosted a training session for Outlook 2010 on May 28, 2013, that was held in the IT Lab. complete 05/20/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Human Services, Rehab and Social Work Technical Services completed the upgrade to the lab for Human Services, Rehab and Social Work and added 10 additional PCs to the 65 total. complete 05/09/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
MS Office 2010 Excel Training Class Technical Services prepared and hosted training sessions for Microsoft Excel 2010 to be hosted in the IT Lab on April 30 and May 2, 2013. complete 04/25/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- MS Office Word 2010 Training Class Technical Services prepared and hosted training sessions on Microsoft Word 2010 on April 23 and 24, 2013 complete 04/22/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Trojan Spring Preview Day 2013 Technical Services participated in the Trojan Preview Day on March 23rd. complete 03/23/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- McAfee 8.8 upgrade Technical Services is in the process of testing a new install of McAfee 8.8 package. Once the testing of the new package has been evaluated and corrected, IT can install for end-users on Troy campus. complete 02/07/2013 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Asset Pickup and Delivery development Deploy the Asset Pickup and Delivery form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign. complete 05/14/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Instructional Guide for Classrooms Technical Services is preparing an Instructional Guide to the technology classrooms on Troy campus. The guide will direct faculty and staff on the procedures of operating the equipment in each departmental classroom. complete 03/27/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Master Schedule Change Deploy the Master Schedule Change form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign waiting 05/01/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Troy- Student Impact 2013 Technical Services has started preparing for the upcoming Student Impact sessions that will start in June. complete 03/25/2013 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
Echosign - Course Substitution Form Development Deploy the Course Substitution form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign. in progress 05/02/2013 04/23/2015 view | subscribe
EchoSign - Adjunct Faculty Evaluation development Deploy the Adjunct Faculty Evaluation form through an automated workflow utilizing EchoSign. complete 02/26/2013 08/05/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- SOS Website Redesign An update of the SOS Website to add responsive capabilities to make the site easily accessible to mobile users. complete 06/24/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy- Hermes Website The HERMES Website provides and overview of the various communictation methods employed by the university to reach its constituents. complete 06/24/2013 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Montgomery - Computer Lab Upgrade Upgrade SCOB labs to Windows 8 and Office 2013. complete 07/01/2013 02/21/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery - Print Server Upgrade Upgrade print server from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008/2012. complete 07/01/2013 05/16/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery - SQL Database Installation Network SQL Database installation for SafeConnect. in progress 07/01/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery - Network Firewall Upgrade Network firewall upgrade to Palo Alto NGFW. complete 07/01/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Blackboard TransAct Project A timeline has been review and suggested for the project. Greg has requested the System's division review the server needs and the Datatel division review the ID integration piece. An implementation start date was suggested of Winter break 2013. complete 11/20/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Backup Server Install Re-provision available old servers as backup devices for faculty/staff data. complete 04/15/2013 08/05/2014 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Installation of Firewall Install Palo Alto Network Device on the Phenix City Network complete 05/21/2013 08/16/2013 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Installation of Visix Signs Replace current signs with Visix Digital signage system in Pitts Hall. complete 05/07/2013 10/15/2013 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Upgrade Classroom Equipment Upgrade instructor station with Crestron switcher and ceiling speakers. complete 05/08/2013 10/15/2013 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Education Lab Upgrading 31 desktop computers to Lenovo All-In-One computers. complete 05/01/2013 08/16/2013 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Auxiliary Services Security Camera System Install Coordinate Security Camera System installation with Harris Security. complete 09/11/2012 10/15/2013 view | subscribe
GC - Trial of Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) Trial of authenticated internal vulnerability scanner. complete 06/01/2013 08/27/2013 view | subscribe
Risk Management Page Update and development of Risk Management, Safety and Insurance page for Human Resources. complete 03/01/2013 12/18/2013 view | subscribe
Montgomery - Virtualize servers Purchase, Install and Virtualize file server, WSUS server, Imaging server, DHSCP/DNS Servers, etc. complete 05/30/2013 05/16/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery - Inventory Management Reviewing Asset Management's database for accuracy of current equipment and removal of obsolete equipment in progress 05/01/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery - MAC upgrade Upgrade all MAC workstations to OS X 10.8.3 and McAfee epo agent managed. complete 04/01/2013 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan - Extend Network Add network switch at new physical plant building. complete 01/17/2013 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan - Computer Lab Upgrade Replace Lenovo Desktops with Troy All-in-Ones. complete 01/16/2013 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan - Firewall Upgrade Replace Cisco ASA 5520 with Palto Alto PA-500 complete 05/07/2013 07/01/2013 view | subscribe
GC - Fort Benning Location Move Assist in the circuit, network and equipment move for Fort Benning. complete 05/09/2013 08/27/2013 view | subscribe
ExactTarget Mobile Communication Provide students activity alerts via an opt-in SMS subscription. complete 03/18/2013 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Ellucian Recruiter Implementation Student enrollment software that allows for personalized messages to be delivered to prospect through multiple medias, tracks and analyzes the performance of recruiting efforts, and provides predictive modeling. complete 03/13/2013 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
San Antonio location move Assist in the network and equipment move. complete 04/15/2013 06/03/2013 view | subscribe
Spectrum Template for Faculty Webpages Create a site template for faculty to use in Spectrum. complete 03/29/2013 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
GC - Fayetteville VPN Establish LAN to LAN VPN. complete 02/25/2013 11/25/2013 view | subscribe
Document Imaging Solutions - Toolbar Test Leveraging document imaging in departmental processes. in progress 12/04/2012 09/16/2013 view | subscribe
Document Imaging Daily Transcripts Report Daily imaging report of new documents scanned in for Transcripts complete 12/14/2013 07/12/2013 view | subscribe
New Housing Server and Upgrade Housing server upgrade and replacement complete 10/26/2012 02/19/2013 view | subscribe
New Formport Server Formport server upgrade and replacement complete 10/26/2012 07/12/2013 view | subscribe
New EMS Server EMS server upgrade and replacement complete 10/26/2012 02/19/2013 view | subscribe
New VPNPrint Server VPNPrint server upgrade and replacement complete 10/26/2012 02/19/2013 view | subscribe
New DHCP Server DHCP server upgrade and replacement complete 10/26/2012 02/19/2013 view | subscribe
New 10. Backup Server Server upgrade and replacement. complete 02/08/2013 07/16/2013 view | subscribe
Web-UI WebUI is the new user interface for Datatel. complete 04/25/2011 02/21/2014 view | subscribe
myTROYu Leadmaster Integration IT and Admissions collaborated to develop the new prospective students portal, The Website launched with Leadmaster integration (forms). complete 01/06/2012 10/14/2013 view | subscribe
Columbus Student Kiosk Setup 3 computer/phone stations for students and applicants. complete 02/06/2013 02/18/2013 view | subscribe
Norfolk Location Move Assist in the network and equipment move. complete 01/11/2013 06/10/2013 view | subscribe
Biology Department Digital Display Install a single digital display for the Biology Department on 1/11/2013 complete 01/07/2013 06/27/2013 view | subscribe
Parature CSR Training Local and online training for Troy employees who are CSRs in Parature. complete 10/22/2012 08/05/2013 view | subscribe
Veterans / Military Portal TROY for Troops Center will be a one-stop center where military students, both online and in-classroom students, can access a variety of University services ranging from financial aid, advisement and counseling to problem resolution. complete 12/10/2012 09/03/2013 view | subscribe
Common Calendar System Using the Active Data Calendar system, Trojan Today, IT will create a University wide calendar. complete 12/12/2012 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
Trojan Web Faculty Page Faculty page(s) added under the Employees section on Trojan. complete 12/04/2012 05/22/2013 view | subscribe
Maintenance Network Second network infrastructure to provide a separate network specifically for CCTV, Door Access, HVAC Controls, and EMON monitors to not congest the primary network with non-IT/University academic and administrative traffic. waiting 08/18/2011 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Blackboard Card System Solutions Exploring maintenance renewal and upgrade options for current Blackboard Card System. complete 11/01/2012 12/13/2013 view | subscribe
CCTV Perimeter Camera Signal Quality Insure signal quality of Perimeter Cameras. complete 11/28/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Wireless Network Replacement Replacement of older wireless equipment in academic and administrative building. complete 11/28/2012 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
Virtual Graduation assist with creating a virtual graduation for the smaller ceremonies that take place outside of Alabama. in progress 12/11/2012 12/11/2012 view | subscribe
Lab Technology Upgrade Configured and image new all-in-one computers for Troy Campus labs. complete 10/01/2012 10/04/2013 view | subscribe
IT Digital Displays and Projectors IT added 6 Digital Displays. Projectors added in the Conference room and IT Lab to create a better technology classroom environment. complete 11/27/2012 12/04/2012 view | subscribe
Recruiter Laptops Configured 90 special order laptops for Recruiters. complete 09/01/2012 12/04/2012 view | subscribe
FrontDoorSoftware Security Deploy FrontDoorSoftware on all University owned laptops complete 08/29/2012 09/16/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign MegaSign Portal Deploy MegaSign Portal for deployment of Adjunct Contracts. complete 10/31/2012 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
SER - Atlantic Region Transfer Transfer Atlantic Region IT Information. complete 10/05/2012 12/04/2012 view | subscribe
Networking - Long Hall Construction for Long Hall. complete 05/01/2012 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
SER - Columbus Office Move Building lease forces relocation of offices and wiring. complete 09/03/2012 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
First Year Studies Digital Display Order and install digital displays for First Year Studies area. complete 08/17/2012 09/10/2012 view | subscribe
Active Admissions - Prospective Students Integration Integrating information about prospective students collected by Active Admission with Datatel. complete 03/01/2012 04/26/2013 view | subscribe
SER - Brunswick Video Classroom Installation New VTC classroom. complete 08/13/2012 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
SER - Albany Video Classroom Repair Terminal failure in Video Equipment. complete 08/08/2012 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
SER - Columbus faculty Suite Move / Rewire New lease requires some new Ethernet wiring complete 08/08/2012 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
SER - Augusta Network Rewire New lease requires all new Ethernet wiring. complete 08/06/2012 09/04/2012 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Security system upgrade Update Phenix City's IT Department's video surveillance system. complete 07/23/2012 02/20/2014 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Upgrade WSUS Server Replace campus WSUS server. complete 07/23/2012 08/16/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign Automated Workflow Automate workflow for documents within EchoSign. complete 07/19/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Phenix City -Logging server for SafeConnect Setup a Linux/MySQL server per instructions provided by Impulse to provide extended storage for event logs generated by the SafeConnect appliance. complete 07/18/2012 07/31/2012 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Computer Lab Imaging Create and maintain PC images for all Computer labs and Classroom computers. complete 04/17/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
VPN Replacement for TrojanNet Replace older concentrator with ASA 5500. complete 01/01/2012 03/20/2014 view | subscribe
List Serv New software that will allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe to distribution lists. in progress 06/19/2012 07/13/2012 view | subscribe
EchoSign Travel Forms Review Deploy Travel forms for Finance. complete 02/01/2011 04/23/2015 view | subscribe
Parature Knowledge Base Continually updating knowledge base items. complete 06/01/2009 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
CRM training for Greenwood and Hall supervisors 3rd round of helpdesk training for the Greenwood and Hall supervisors. complete 06/19/2012 07/11/2012 view | subscribe
EchoSign Leave Request Report Development Developed report for EchoSign Leave Requests for Human Resources. complete 02/22/2012 07/11/2012 view | subscribe
New Employee Orientation (IT, EchoSign, and Helpdesk Training) Assisted with Human Resources' New Employee Orientation to provide IT, EchoSign, and Helpdesk Training to new employees. in progress 02/10/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
EchoSign Forms Review - Records Deploy forms for Records as requested. complete 03/02/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign Form Review - Human Resources Deploy forms for Human Recources as requested. complete 03/29/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Parature - Custom Helpdesk Reports Developed Helpdesk reports for various departments as requested. complete 01/24/2012 09/16/2013 view | subscribe
Digital Display Best Practices Develop a guide for best practices using digital displays. complete 03/01/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Counseling Lab Set up Psychology and Counseling observation room and three monitoring rooms. complete 04/01/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Desktop and Laptop Configuration Upgrade Troy's desktop and laptop configuration. complete 05/15/2012 03/03/2014 view | subscribe
Confucius Institute Technology Exhibition Hall Three interactive touchscreen LCD TV’s complete 01/15/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Confucius Institute Lab Set up a 25 PC student technology lab. complete 01/15/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Human Services and Rehabilitation Lab Set up a 55 PC lab for the Human Services and Rehabilitation department with printers. complete 02/02/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Campus Lab Review Provide and review labs on Troy campus. complete 02/15/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Onsite Visix Training Hands-on Visix training offered for digital signage. complete 03/14/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Trojan Spring Preview Day 2012 Participated in student/parent session. complete 03/15/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Trojan Center Digital Displays Installed digital displays in Trojan Center. complete 04/02/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Evaluated Faronics Insight for COE Evaluated and installed Insight trial software for COE to monitor classroom. complete 05/10/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Online Training Portal Development Developed the online training portal for Troy employee training. in progress 11/01/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Parature/CRM Training for Financial Services complete Parature training for Financial services Staff Complete 06/18/2012 07/10/2012 view | subscribe
Football Video Solution Upgrade Reviewing process for solution and hardware recommendations in Athletics. complete 03/13/2012 06/27/2013 view | subscribe
SER-Albany and Brunswick Servers Replace EOL Site servers at Albany and Brunswick. complete 04/12/2012 08/14/2012 view | subscribe
SER-Web server Migration Move physical servers to Troy. complete 12/15/2011 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
SER-Core Switch Replacement Replacement of 10 year old EOL switch. complete 03/29/2012 08/20/2012 view | subscribe
SER-McAfee Central EPO Servers Centralize McAfee EPO reporting. complete 08/01/2011 07/18/2013 view | subscribe
SER-Bandwidth upgrade SER/WR internet access upgrade to 20 Mbps with Knology. complete 12/07/2011 07/20/2012 view | subscribe
SER-Ft. Lewis Router replacement Replace Cisco router that died. complete 06/19/2012 07/20/2012 view | subscribe
SER-Tyndall IP Telephony Upgrade Replace phones at Tyndall with existing phones from closed Gulfport. complete 06/19/2012 09/04/2012 view | subscribe
Phenix City - Network Upgrade Maintaining and providing upgrades to the Phenix City Network as needed. complete 07/09/2012 02/20/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Network Server Upgrade Network server upgrade. Hardware and software applications. Virtual server evaluation as well. complete 06/01/2012 05/16/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Network Commuication Closet Upgrade / Administration PoE Switch Installation Installation of compliant switches for future conversion to Power Over Ethernet communications in Administrative offices. complete 05/01/2011 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Montgomery-McAfee agent/ePo server Integration Ensuring McAfee clients are communicating properly through managed agents to the Montgomery site ePo server. Upgrading Virus Scan Enterprise client software when possible to the latest version. Monitoring ongoing communications. complete 02/01/2012 05/16/2014 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Upgrade Troy Employee Computers Upgrade all Troy-Montgomery employee computers to Windows 7 and Office 2010 complete 01/01/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Upgrade Classroom Computers Upgrade all Troy-Montgomery classroom computers to Windows 7 and Office 2010 complete 03/01/2012 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Montgomery-Windows Server 2008 Domain Upgrade Upgrade domain controllers and other servers to Windows Server 2008 complete 01/01/2012 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Judicial Affairs Project Managing Judicial Affairs in Colleague complete 06/14/2012 02/21/2014 view | subscribe
Vendor Payments via ACH Ability to pay vendors via eCheck in progress 06/14/2012 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
Online W-2 Process Ability to view and print W2s online complete 06/14/2012 12/12/2012 view | subscribe
GL Chart of Account Conversion Expand GL Chart of Accounts complete 06/05/2012 07/01/2014 view | subscribe
Auto Bank Reconciliation Colleague automated bank reconciliation processs complete 05/30/2012 12/12/2012 view | subscribe
Recruiters Portal A portal for university recruiters to find important information for their job functions complete 05/01/2012 01/07/2013 view | subscribe
COE Transition Point Project Electronically Capture testing data for SACS midterm report complete 04/29/2012 12/12/2012 view | subscribe
UI4.4 New Interface for Datatel Software complete 04/15/2012 02/21/2014 view | subscribe
Web Advisor (Trojan Web Express) Upgrade Moving Web Advisor to a more advanced Web Server complete 03/01/2012 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
University Wide Forms Server Consolidating all forms from all University servers to one IT maintained Form Server in progress 03/01/2012 07/08/2013 view | subscribe
Recovery Audit Specialists Project Export process of accounts payable voucher information from Colleague complete 03/01/2012 02/18/2013 view | subscribe
Website Redesigned Consolidation (Trojan) Consolidating all Web servers and domains to one unified Web server complete 02/01/2012 05/31/2013 view | subscribe
FA Link Project Provides interface for Bookstore and Colleague in progress 02/01/2012 03/10/2015 view | subscribe
Informer Reporting/Dashboard Implementing new reporting options in progress 01/06/2012 02/21/2014 view | subscribe
IT Server Upgrade Moving all of forms, pages, administrative tools to a new more advanced Web Server complete 12/01/2011 05/22/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Windows 7/Office 2012 Upgrade Project Upgrade all Troy-Dothan employee computers to Windows 7 and Office 2010 complete 01/01/2011 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Touchscreen Information Kiosk Project Program touch screen as information kiosk complete 03/01/2012 12/09/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Switch Upgrade - Adams and Malone Install and configure Brocade switches to replace 3Com switches complete 05/01/2012 07/17/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Surplus Equipment Reutilization Project Prepare and transfer surplus equipment to Houston County Board of Education complete 05/01/2012 07/17/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Sony Hall Microphone Upgrade Configure additional wireless microphones for use in Sony Hall complete 05/01/2012 09/04/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 3rd Floor Wireless Access Installation Install wireless access points on Malone 3rd floor and connect to network complete 06/01/2012 07/17/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 3rd Floor Office Project Configure four new offices for faculty use. complete 06/01/2012 07/17/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 3rd Floor Classroom Project Configure two classrooms for instructor use complete 06/01/2012 08/20/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 3rd Floor - Security Camera Deployment Install seven security cameras and connect to internal security network complete 06/01/2012 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 3rd Floor IVC Project Install Polycom Video Conferencing equipment and connect to Radio and Television Microwave network complete 07/01/2012 07/17/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 118 -Business Office Rewire Rewire Malone Room 118 for new layout complete 06/01/2012 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Malone 112 - Security Guard Camera Monitoring Station Install two computer monitoring stations for security to monitor security cameras complete 06/01/2012 07/30/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-LT 242 - Computer Lab Configure room as computer lab with 23 computers from LT 105 complete 06/01/2012 08/20/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-LT 119 - Core Stitch Upgrade Replace 3Com Core Switch with Foundry Core Switch complete 02/01/2012 08/20/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-LT 105 Computer Upgrade Project Upgrade 23 computers with new computers complete 06/01/2012 05/28/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-IT Relocation Project Relocate office for five IT personnel from LT 148 to LT 118 complete 05/01/2012 08/20/2012 view | subscribe
Dothan-Instructor Station Deployment Install five new instructor stations complete 05/01/2012 05/28/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-ASA Redundancy Project Install second ASA 5520 and configure complete 06/01/2012 05/29/2013 view | subscribe
Dothan-Adams 217 Camera Upgrade Advise Counseling Faculty on appropriate cameras to purchase, install new cameras. complete 05/01/2012 05/28/2013 view | subscribe
EchoSign Training Local and online EchoSign training for Troy employees. complete 01/24/2012 07/03/2012 view | subscribe
Microsoft Office 2010 Training Local and online training on various Microsoft Office products for Troy employees. complete 04/01/2012 08/06/2013 view | subscribe
Athletics Arena Install network equipment in Arena to engage University Network complete 10/01/2012 07/25/2012 view | subscribe
Product Distribution Distribute no longer used products from the Troy Campus to other Troy locations complete 09/01/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
VPN Replacement for Datatel Replace older concentrator with ASA 5500 in progress 08/01/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Waterfront Phenix City Building Coordinated with Phenix City IT and Architects in progress 05/01/2012 08/05/2014 view | subscribe
Load-Balancers for WebUI POC for WebUI Project complete 04/01/2012 02/09/2015 view | subscribe
Networking - New Dormitory (Newman Center) Provide Network Services for two Newman Center Buildings complete 02/01/2012 12/13/2013 view | subscribe
Networking - RESNET Bandwidth (Academic and Residental Bandwidth) Upgrade existing bandwidth in residential halls complete 11/01/2011 09/09/2013 view | subscribe
Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade Deploy Microsoft Office 2010 on Troy main campus. complete 03/01/2012 07/09/2012 view | subscribe
IT Summit 2012 Third annual IT Summit. complete 02/01/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
Troy - Student IMPACT 2012 Informative sessions about services provided by Information Technology for incoming students. complete 06/01/2012 07/17/2013 view | subscribe
Recycling Computers Information Technology receives older PC’s to recycle from various departments on campus in order to save university funds. in progress 01/01/2012 02/05/2015 view | subscribe
Journal Entry Imaging App Application within imaging to store and maintain Journal Entries for Accounts Payable. complete 02/24/2011 07/18/2012 view | subscribe
Virtualizaton Project Project to virtualize servers and labs. in progress 04/01/2012 07/02/2013 view | subscribe
ITAPS In-house programming and update to ITAPS planning system. complete 06/11/2012 12/18/2013 view | subscribe